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  • Pack of 2 Vornado MD1-0001, MD1-0002, MD1-1002 Humidifier Wick Filters Designed by FilterBuy to fit all Vornado Evaporative humidifiers Including the following Vornado models: 221, 232, 421, 432 and HU1-0021 Premium humidifier wick filter designed by FilterBuy to reduce pollutants. Replace at least once per season. Humidifier FilterBuy: Breathe Better!
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  • Evap40 humidifier, automatic humidity control with built in humidistat, Operates on 3 settings high, medium & low, patented air lock tank is easy to fill, spill proof & leak free, covers up to 1000 soft, 4 gallon tank outputs 4 gallons per day, manual dial humidistat & controls.
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Don't Buy These!!!
This is a great humidifier for my 1000 sf condo. I've always used the smaller units which eventually get very grungy and are impossible to thoroughly clean. I end up throwing them out. This appears to be easy to keep clean because of the filters and the recommended solution I put in the water. The best part is the fact that you are not constantly filling up the tank. Easy to maintain.
Best humidifier EVER. This is the second one I have owned. The first one lasted about 10 years running 24/7... That's 3,650 days of continuous use. I only replaced it because bacteria had started to grow inside the water jugs toward the end. (The fan motor was still running perfectly, and as quiet as ever). I now use an anti bacterial solution on occasion and have no doubts this second one will last even longer.\nPlus... I also have a Vornado air purifier that has run nearly non stop for 15 years. Vornad...
Kevin Maung
good genuine item perfect fit\nanother thing you should change the photo
The filters don't absorb enough water, it just doesn't work. Don't buy it!
C. L. Sands
Holds a lot of water. Easy to fill. Fan on High is a bit noisey for a common room but on Medium is fine. Seems rto humidify via evap. just as expected.
Andrew Beres
Great humidifier used for the main living areas in my condominium. You barely know it's running, and it's easy to tell how much water is in the tanks. The only issue I have is with the filters not lasting more than four weeks at a time, but that would be an issue with any humidifier with a paper wick. Looking forward to many years of use from this quality American made humidifier.
Mason Liebich
Not Genuine Vornado filters. The difference is pretty obvious. Only reason I give it two stars is because I haven't used them yet, therefore I'll update the review once I do.
These are not real they are genuine