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  • Vornado Personal Mini Fan w/ 2 Quiet SpeedsThe stylish personal fan is the #1 rated fan on the market. Features Vornado-exclusive Vortex technology, which powerfully circulates the air and eliminates hot and cold spots. The mini fan comes with two quiet speeds and oscillates and flips to direct air where it's needed most. The AirTensity Grill projects a beam of air up to 30 feet, creating the perfect whisper-quiet breezeTwo Efficient SpeedsCreates a quiet yet powerful cool breeze in high-styleVortex TechnologyEnsures even air circulation eliminating hot and cold spotsOscillates and FlipsHead pivots back and forth for multi-directional air comfortSignature Vortex TechnologyMoves air up to 30 feet and directs air where it's needed mostFolds When Not In UseConceals the fan, keeps it dust free and adds to the modern lookDeep-Pitched BladeDucted airflow, and AirTensity Grill creates the perfect whisper-quiet breezeProduct Features• Deep-pitched blade for whisper-quiet operation• Oscillates, pivots and flips• Tw...
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Tim Clevenger
Makes a lot of noise, but doesn't make a lot of air. Also, 'oscillates" means that you can manually rotate it; it doesn't actually oscillate on its own.
Justin Weis
I needed a quiet fan for my recording studio and this one had the work "quiet" in it's Amazon headline so I was hopeful, but it rattles too much, even when set on low. 'Would work great where silence isn't required. 'Moves a lot of air for it's size. Noisily.
Vickie Weaver
I purchased this fan to place on my vanity near my makeup mirror because I like to be cool when applying makeup. Even on the highest speed (not as quiet as advertised), this fan barely blows. Even if I move it within a few inches of my face, it doesn't do the job. I also thought it would help keep the vanity area cooler while I blow-dry my hair...NOT! I'll keep looking for a small fan with more velocity.