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  • The Vornado 510 is a compact fan for the home or office. It's perfect for your desk, or any table top, delivering a strong air flow that only Vornado can. 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 72 Watts Removable Grill Dimensions - 9.75 (l) x 9.25 (w) x 12.75 (h) Weight - 5 lbs. Color - Whitestone
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  • The Vornado signature Vortex Circulation maximizes the performance of your heating and cooling systems. The sleek black design includes an airtensity grill that focuses air into a tight, twisted beam, traveling up to 70 ft. A unique deep-piched propeller scoops air. The inlet air accelerator initiates Vornado Signature Vortex Circulation. Innovative air guide increases propeller efficiency. A durable motor with a rugged design ensures a long life. Designed and engineered in the USA. Manufactured in China.
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Mike Hall
Is the new model 530 as good as older Vornados that established the company as a quality innovator? In this review, I compare the new 530 to two older compact models that I own. These are the excellent model 180 compact fan(infinite speed, no longer available) and the very good 510 compact (3-speed and in very short supply - watch out for merchants who substitute the current model 530 for the 510). These (and the larger, venerable model 280) have great features, quietness, quality, and durability. My com...
Ace Hardware Outlet's site shows no 510s. They will probably send you a 530.
Lemont The Fan Man
Pros : Good and Powerful fan I bought this fan from amazon back in 2015 and its running to this day. it has a very powerful motor the motor is ball bearing not psc and will last longer then psc motors or shaded pole motors would. the fan moves the air up to 70 feet of air flow in your room .\nHistory : this fan was made on January 22,2002. and is still the most sold fan today on the market but only online not sold in stores the 673 is sold in stores and online .\nCons : loud on high and medium but quiet ...
Given as a gift. Said it works beautifully to cool his little room